Survivors of Rwanda genocide must live with killers in their midst
by Sudarsan Raghavan: Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service; 04-16-2004
Rwandans Are Struggling To Love Children of Hate,
by Emily Wax: Washington Post Foreign Service; The Washington Post ; 03-28-2004
Websites Rwanda 1994

Slideshow of images that tell the story of the genocide.
(with audio - use earphones if you have them)

Rwanda: How the Genocide Happened

BBC Rwanda Page
Human Rights Watch: Rwanda
A Srebrenica survivor's story
by NERMA JELACIC AND ED VULLIAMY; Tulsa World ; 07-17-2005 ;
Heroic Women in Srebrenica
by Paula Ghedini. Christian Science Monitor (pre-1997 Fulltext). Boston, Mass.: Aug 12, 1996.
Srebrenica's diaspora
by Tom Carver; New Statesman; Jul 12, 1996
Witness details Serb slaughter of refugees
by Jenifer Chao, The Associated Press, Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Seattle, Wash.: Jul 04, 1996
Websites Bosnia-Herzegovina

BBC: Shattered lives in massacre town Srebrenica Timeline
Karadzic and Mladic: The charges
Newspaper & Magazine Articles
The Tragedy of Sudan
by Simon Robinson. Time. New York: Oct 4, 2004
Darfur: Genocide in Plain View
by David Ruffin. The Crisis. Baltimore: Jan/Feb 2005
Quick guide: Darfur
Q&A: Sudan's Darfur conflict

Darfur: Little hope 5 years on

Slideshow: Darfur -- New York Times
Debate over Darfur death toll intensifies -- USA Today
Newspaper &
Magazine Articles
East Timor's aftermath
by Janine di Giovanni. New York Times Magazine. New York: Oct 24, 1999
On the razor's edge
by Terry McCarthy. Time. New York: Sep 20, 1999.
The hunters and the hunted
by Jeffrey Bartholet, Ron Moreau. Newsweek. New York: Sep 27, 1999. Vol. 134, Iss. 13;
pg. 38
Now, a 'sea of fire' in East Timor
by Anonymous. Newsweek. New York: Sep 13, 1999. Vol. 134, Iss. 11; pg. 39
BBC: Anxious times for East Timor
Asia Today: Crisis in East Timor; October 20, 1999
The Trials of East Timor, Special Report
Newspaper & Magazine Articles
Youth stolen for child rebels Sierra Leone's youngest fighters emerge as tragic legacy of
8-year war

by Douglas Farah: Washington Post; Detroit News ; 04-13-2000
SECOND CHANCE AT CHILDHOOD: A generation brought up in the murderous ways of
Sierra Leone's rebels is finding balm for horrors it committed

by Don Melvin, Staff ; The Atlanta Journal and Constitution 12-12-1999
Reuters: FACTBOX-Sierra Leone's civil war
HistoryWorld: Sierra Leone, Election and anarchy: 1996-1999
BBC: Country Profile, Sierra Leone
BBC: In Depth, Sierra Leone's Civil War
Newspaper &
Magazine Articles
A Country's Rebirth
by Joseph Contreras; ; Newsweek International ; 07-21-2003
BBC: Timeline, El Salvador
PBS: El Salvador Civil War
Peace Pledge Union: Cambodia

HistoryPlace: Pol Pot in Cambodia, 1975-1979
  Killing Fields Museum
  BBC: Cambodia Country Profile
  PBS: Cambodia, Pol Pot's Shadow
  Cambodian Genocide Program
HistoryPlace: Armenians in Turkey, 1915-1918
  Armenian Genocide: History and Timeline

Armenian National Institute: Resources

New York Times: Armenian Genocide

BBC: Q&A - Armenia Genocide Dispute
Newspapers &
Magazine Articles
Were American Indians the Victims of Genocide?
by Guenter Lewy; Commentary; Sep 2004
PBS: Indian Country Diaries
  BBC: Battle of Little Big Horn

Understanding Prejudice: Genocide in America
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