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    The International Baccalaureate at Chief Sealth International High School

    The Homecoming Edition
    Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

    First semester is second semester for ToK and PPS

    Students enrolled in the Diploma and Career-path programs began their core work in theory of knowledge and personal and professional skills classes during second semester last year. These students meet outside the school day and during mentorship.

    Students pursuing the Career-related certificate will continue their reflective project work with Ms. Cairns during the PPS class, 8am, Tuesday and Thursday, room 269. We’re also exploring personal identity, business ethics, communications, critical thinking processes and intercultural understanding. Ms. Cairns has an active Schoology page—check it out!

    Students who have selected to be part of the Diploma cohort will continue their theory of knowledge course (ToK) with Mr. Hansell during mentorship and after school for two hours each Monday. This class is held in room 167. Seniors will be working on both their ToK essay and presentation, both of which are due in January. Work on the extended essay project continues and the entire essay is due at the end of October.

    Ms. Cairns—

    Mr. Hansell -

    All over the IB world seniors begin second term as a threshold to commit to their IB academic pathway.

    Community Service—a major aspect of the IB learner's experience.

    Diploma students need 150 hours over junior and seniors years—50 hours of activity, 50 hours of creativity and 50 hours of direct community service. Career paths students need 50 hours of direct community service during their junior and senior years. There are many opportunities to get involved at Sealth!

    In order to qualify for the Service Medal, all hours must be reported to your child’s counselor by Friday, May 30.

    CSIHS Open House—Thursday, October 12, 5:30 start, dinner in the Galleria.

    Get signed up for subsidized lunch! It comes with so much more than food!

    Department of Where Are They Now?
    photo of graduate
    Samantha Bushman, CSIHS Class of 2016-full IB Diploma recipient -University of Washington

    I'm majoring in journalism and LSJ (law, society, and justice). I'm a staff writer for The Daily, mostly in science and news but my favorite thing is definitely movie reviews. Recently I've gotten into climbing! ( I spent the summer facilitating a Zipline & other fun stuff for kiddos and adults at camp Orkila) so I hope to do more of that in the coming months. My friends and I started a photography club (slow going but it's going) and I also take ceramics on the side because I can and it's beautiful and I love it a lot. I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with my liberal arts degrees, but regardless I know that I have to help people in some way! I'll probably end up in media law (see the documentary I Am Jane Doe).

    This quarter I'm taking a class called Media Ethics, and my textbook is a bunch of case studies identical to what we did for the Ethics bowl! Neat!

    Department of where are they now? 

    photo of sealth graduate

    Camille Robert, class of 2016, full IB Diploma recipient-University of Wisconsin at Madison (third from left)

    I am doing really well! I still have not officially declared a major but I am leaning towards biology… thank you Mr. Glover. I do not know what I want to do with it but I think it is an interesting and very versatile major. I am a part of the student organization, Mixed , in which mixed race students can come together and complain about being asked questions like “is your mom your real mom?” and “why are you so black/white when you don’t look it?” We also talk about ways to cope with those questions and provide a safe place to not be judged based on our mix and how that translates to our skin colors. Also, I’m being tutored for chemistry because that stuff is hard. All in all, I am loving life and I love Wisconsin. I go to the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, go on runs around the lake, eat so much cheese and ice cream! I was recently elected co-chair of the class and will be going to a leadership ignition this weekend! I am very excited to have that leading role. The last picture is of me about to walk to class last year. It was actually -5 degrees outside. Wisconsin doesn’t believe in shutting down schools so the only way school will be cancelled is if it’s a “cold day,” or in other words, if it is -40 degrees. Hopefully we never have that problem.

    3 full ib grads

    Noelle Tyau, Katharine Fry and Michelle Ly, CSIHS Class of 2017 - All received the IB Diploma—congratulations!

    Certified to offer the IB program since 2007, the mission of our school is to foster global awareness and academic success through a challenging and engaging curriculum in a safe and supportive environment.

    Registration for IB exams is ON! The full registration packet is available on our web-site, in the IB office, and in all IB classrooms. Each exam is $116, and the one-time registration fee is $172. Families who qualify for free or reduced lunches pay only 10% of these fees.

    I’ll be meeting with students in IB classrooms over the next two weeks to be sure students are fully informed of the prerequisites and perks of taking IB exams.