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    Material Returns for Seniors
    Posted on 06/07/2020
    Senior Materials Return Flyer

    Congratulations Seniors!!! It's time for senior check-out so you can get ready for graduation!

    First: Material Returns

    • Come to the bus loop in front of Sealth THIS WEDNESDAY, June 10 from 10am to 2pm.
    • Follow directions from security and staff to return your laptops, library books, cameras, athletic equipment, textbooks, and other school materials.
    • Head home and enjoy your last days of high school!

    NOTE: following the CDC guidelines, all materials collected with be secured and left to sit for 72 hours before being checked in. Thank you for your patience as we work hard to clear checkouts while staying safe. 

    Second: Fines

    If you have fines to pay, there are three ways to pay them:

    1. PAY ONLINE: This is the preferred, and fastest, method. Use a credit card to pay through SchoolPay on The Source (look for the SchoolPay link on the left side of The Source window.)
      • Make payable to Chief Sealth
      • Write the student's name AND the fine being paid (Book title, Camera ID number, etc.)
      • Place in envelope
      • Write student name on the envelope
      • Place envelope in secured container at the front of the school
    3. CASH
      • Inform security that you are paying with cashFollow directions to work with cashier for handsfree exchange

    We are so PROUD OF YOU and look forward to seeing you THIS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 10!