Open House 2023

Chief Sealth International High School Open House

2023 Open House

February 9, 2023

Photo of the Chief Sealth Administrative Team

Ray Garcia-Morales: Principal

Nooria Miskell: Assistant Principal for 9th graders

Erik Weiss: Assistant Principal for 10th and 12th graders

Hope Perry: Assistant Principal for 11th graders

Rachel Evans 

Graduation work with Seniors

  • Pathways and Credit (Recovery)

World Language Credit Tests

  • 50+ students tested in December 
  • Spanish, Vietnamese, Tigrinya, Oromo, Amharic, Somali, Arabic, Norwegian, Farsi, German

Test Coordination

  • State Tests: SBA/WCAS, WIDA 
  • National Exams: SAT, PSAT

Levy Coordination

  • Bridge between Sealth and City 
  • Data collection and sharing

Sarah Martin: Activities Coordinator

Chief Sealth logo

We do ASB differently at CSIHS. Elections were a barrier for students who didn’t think their voice would be heard in a standard popular vote election. We feel the “traditional” roles of officers and elections are obsolete as we move forward in a school that is committed to providing an environment that is anti-racist and intersectional in all of its practices.​

The Associated Student Body (ASB) is the student governing body that facilitates events here at CSIHS. ​ 

The Chief Sealth ASB and Student Council are 100% opt in. Students that are interested in participating in this new model of student leadership and student perspective in our school are encouraged to join. 

How to get involved? Read the “Seahawk Bulletin” for meeting times and dates. Follow @SealthASB on Instagram – Student leaders post lots on info about school events, community events, and resources. 

Ernest “Coach P” Policarpio
Athletic Director


A few highlights from winter sports

  • Girls Flag Football was introduced last year and we are playing for the Metro Championships Saturday.
  • Coach of the Year awarded to Sergio Lopez for Slowpitch.
  • Girls wrestling team has won the Metro Championship 4 years in a  row.
  • We have a large group of wrestlers headed to Regionals.
  • Girls basketball has over 11 wins this season.
  • Bowling took 3rd in Metro and is headed to State.

Chief Sealth International High School has the largest number of completed Seattle Promise applications of all Seattle Public Schools: 291 seniors done

Sam Labi: 9th Grade

Krista Rillo: Running Start

Chelsey Thomas: 10th-12th Grade, Last Names A-L 

Daniel Rosen: 10th-12th Grade, Last Names M-Z

School Counselors are here to help you find success on your academic, personal/social & college and career path!  


  • Help you understand and complete graduation requirements
  • Guide you in course selection
  • Meet with you for social/emotional support
  • Connect you with school based & community resources
  • Provide individual, small group & classroom lessons around your current & future goals 
International Baccalaureate

Allison Hays
IB Coordinator

  • Challenging Program of International Education 
  • Open to 11th and 12th grade students
  • IB for All
  • IB Language and Literature in 11th and 12th grade
  • IB Math after Geometry 
  • Two Programs @ CSIHS
    • Diploma Program
    • Career-related Program
  • Exams = opportunity for college credit
  • Recommend starting a world language in 9th grade 
  • Students gain English proficiency through general education classes and sheltered instruction (for recent newcomers).
  • Sheltered classes offered in ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science and Health.
  • Multilingual Instructional Assistants (Spanish, Amharic, Oromo, Somali, Arabic and Vietnamese) provide additional, one-on-one academic and social/emotional support for students.  
  • Use of home language(s) is encouraged as students build their English proficiency. 

Johnny Jefferson
Restorative Justice Coordinator, Student & Family Advocate
*Yo hablo Español 

Ja’Lyn Combs
Restorative Justice Coordinator, Student & Family Advocate

What is Restorative Justice/ What We Do

What do you think of when you hear school discipline? You probably think punishment…break a rule/harm someone, and you’re punished with detention or even suspension. 

Impacts of these punishments:

  • Interrupt a student’s education
  • Lead to further bad behavior
  • Hinders relationship between student and staff
  • Doesn’t provide students with any social and emotional skills for working through issues with others. 

That’s why Sealth, along with other schools are moving toward restorative justice and its practices. Through harm circles we mediate conflict, get to the root of it, communicate our thoughts/feelings and discuss how to repair the harm that has been done. 

Impacts of Restorative Practices:

  • Resolve conflict between students, staff and family. 
  • Holds individuals and groups accountable supporting social & emotional learning while doing so
  • Repairs harm and restores positive relationships
  • Address and discuss the needs of the school community (D&A use, bathroom pass, student re-entry into class)
  • Building healthy relationships between educators and students via Community Circles
  • Reduce, prevent and improve harmful behavior

Shanyn Gilio-Tenan, LICSW, MHP, CMHS
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Mental Health Professional, Child Mental Health Specialist, Clinical Supervisor

Ariana Nuñez, MSW, LSWAIC
*Yo hablo Español 
Masters in Social Work, Licensed Social Worker Associate and Independent Clinical

What We Do

  • Mental Health Liaisons for the building.
  • Crisis intervention
  • Risk Assessments
  • Resources support
  • McKinney Vento Liaisons
  • Coordinate with Community Based Organizations (CBO’S)
  • Trainings for staff on mental health/social emotional needs
  • Everything else

At Chief Sealth we have a continuum of services.

  • General Education Classes
  • Co-Taught Classes
  • Sheltered Classes

18% of the current students have an IEP or 504. We are made up of 18 certificated teachers, 30 instructional assistants.

This year about 70% of students receiving special education services are in the general education setting for at least four out of six periods.

Jenny Bolanos
10th grade case manager

What I Do:

  • Work with a caseload of 15 to 20 students
  • Support students who need extra help academically, and with attendance 
  • Check in with my caseload students weekly
  • Reach out to families 
  • Create success plans with students that are unique to their needs 
  • Sit in with students in class to keep them focused 

J’Quai Holiday
206-252-8550 ext. 28635
Office 201E

What I Do:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Applied life skills
  • Family & Student advocacy 
  • Liaison between students, CBO’s and staff
  • Provide students with real time support in and out of classroom
  • Direct service and referrals to services

2022 Virtual Open House

If you were unable to attend the 2022 Virtual Open House, you can access the recording by clicking the link below:

2022 CSI Virtual Open House Video