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Fine Arts and Music

music note, paint brush, ballerina, theater mask

Chief Sealth Fine Arts and Music

Courses Available at CSIHS

  • Advanced Drawing and Painting
    Students focus their attention primarily on the development of skills through the study of the Elements and Principles of Art. In this course, students look at art from different cultures and time periods as they learn to broaden their aesthetic sensitivities, increase perceptual skills, and stimulate their imaginations.

  • Advanced Ceramics
    Students will explore ceramic works using a variety of techniques. Students will develop skills in hand-building including pinch, slab, coil, and wheel throwing methods, developing finished pieces with an emphasis on individual expression. In Advanced Ceramics, students work more independently, developing ideas with hand-build methods, and will work on the wheel to develop proficiency in producing finished pieces.

  • Digital Photography
    Students in the class will focus on developing verbal and technical skills in exploring and creating digital photography artwork. Artists in this class will work as a community to identify and describe the Elements of Art and Principles of Design in other’s work and in their own. Photo Foundation students will practice exposure techniques in a series of hands on labs and photo taking projects.

  • IB Studio Art
    By exploring concepts of identity and culture with a global perspective, the students are encouraged to develop and portray a critical and intensely personal view of art in relation to the world. Through both structured and independent learning in a studio environment, technical skills in painting, drawing and other media, will be developed. This media may include work in digital photography or ceramics/sculpture.

  • Graphic Design
    Course provides hands-on introduction to the technical and creative skills of a professional graphic designer. Students gain technical skills in Adobe Photoshop and then learn to master the basic principles of graphic design.

  • Band
    Students learn and perform concert band literature, march in parades and at football games, and play pep band music at basketball games and assemblies. Students must have a basic proficiency on flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone, tuba, or percussion. Participation in periodic rehearsals and performances during and after school is mandatory for all class members.

  • Jazz Band
    Students learn and perform a wide variety of jazz styles with an emphasis on correct style, articulation, and improvisation. Students must have a basic proficiency on saxophone, trombone, trumpet, guitar, bass, piano, or drums. An entrance audition is required for admission into the top ensemble. Participation in periodic performances during and after school is mandatory for all class members, with the advanced jazz ensemble performing frequently in community events and regional and national festivals.

  • Concert Choir
    Intermediate to advanced choral performing ensemble. Performs quality choral literature from a variety of genres, cultures, and styles and learns correct vocal technique and musicianship skills.

  • Piano
    This class gives students an opportunity to learn to play the piano/keyboard and take in a survey of musical experiences. Students in the class will learn the necessary skills and concepts to gain proficiency with the piano.

  • Worksite Learning Internship
    Students can earn .5 CTE credits for work-site learning. Gain real-life work experience in the area you are interested in studying.

Seattle Skills Center Courses Available Free to You

Seattle World School

Media Arts
Learn about production of jobs, editing, set design, lighting and camera work, audio design, directing and graphic design. This diverse work will lead to degree programs in Animation/Film Production, Multimedia Design, Digital and Audio Production.

Rainier Beach High School

Culinary Arts
Join an exciting, demanding, professional culinary class and prepare for careers in catering operations, restaurants, baking, and other food service industries.

John Marshall Building

Video Game Production: Animation
Create animation and games! Learn sketching and storyboarding in 2D animation and concepts of 3D, learn skills necessary for a career in the animation and gaming industry.

Video Game Design: Programming
This course focuses on the software, hardware and mathematical tools used to make video games! Students learn to function as software developers with specialized knowledge of game programming and computer graphics.

Careers in Fine Arts and Music

  • Radio DJ
  • Recreational Therapist
  • Museum Curator
  • Musician
  • Artist
  • Music Director
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Teacher
  • Graphic Design
  • Fashion
  • Floral Design
  • Interior Design
  • Make-up Artist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Broadcasting
  • Film
  • Television
  • Chef
  • Baker
  • Many More!

Industry recognized certifications earned at the completion of the courses:

  • Industry level portfolio