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IB Diploma Program

Honesty Policy

Full and Partial IB Honor Code

The CSIHS academic program offers a quality education that not only ensures knowledge, but cultivates the virtues of honor, courtesy and perseverance. Of these, honor is perhaps of the greatest importance, because our personal integrity will influence and determine our actions and beliefs for our entire lives. To help advance the development of such values, Chief Sealth International established an Honor Code for all students. The full and partial IB students honor code holds those students to an even higher standard. This honor code applies to all classes, and to all activities associated with Chief Sealth International High School. We recognize that the IB program is very demanding and rigorous and, while we encourage students to study together and to discuss their work, ethical conduct is expected at all times.

What constitutes academic dishonesty and, as such, a violation of the full and partial IB Student Honor Code?

For purposes of the CSIHS IB Program, violations include, but are not limited to, the following examples:

  • Plagiarism: The intentional or unintentional failure to give clear credit to the author of any words/ideas not your own. This includes copying the words/ideas/images/compositions of others without attribution, the failure to quote and/or cite authors, and/or the use of fake sources on any work
  • Cheating: Using cheat sheets during exams, looking at someone else?s paper during an exam, using an electronic device to gain information during a time that is not appropriate (using a smart phone during an exam), providing questions/answers or test information to peers about questions/answers on any quiz/exam, using a calculator that has any graphs or formulas when the teacher has instructed the student to clear the calculator before an assignment, test or
  • Copying: Providing and/or accepting work product and/or answers to/from other students, allowing others to copy your homework, notes, outlines, notebook, lab reports or any other class material that is meant to be done
  • Academic Misconduct: This most commonly involves collusion or plagiarism and constitutes a formal breach of IB regulations. However, there are ways in which a candidate may be in breach of regulations, including (but not limited to); falsifying CAS data, duplicating work to meet the requirements of more than one assessment component, fabricating data for an assignment, taking unauthorized material into an exam room, disrupting an IB examination, passing on information that is or could be related to an IB exam, impersonating an IB candidate for class work or an exam, stealing IB exam papers, disclosing or discussing the contents of an IB exam with a person outside the immediate school community within 24 hours after any examination, using unauthorized materials during an IB

This Honor Code is the responsibility of all members of the CSIHS community who have knowledge that a student has violated the Honor Code to report such behavior to their teacher or the IB Coordinator. Inaction implies that our community condones inappropriate behavior ? we do not.

There will be no informal warning given for a violation. As it relates to full and partial IB students, a first offense will result in a loss of ALL grade points for the assignment, with no possibility to make-up the points. In addition, the teacher will require the work product to be done again, for no credit, in order for the student to pass the course. No work that violates the full or partial IB Honor Code will be submitted to the IBO for scoring. Parents will be notified and the incident will be documented in the student?s academic file with both the Seattle Public Schools and the Sealth IB office.

A student who violates the full or partial CSIHS Honor Code for a second time at any time during their enrollment at CSIHS puts their graduation status in jeopardy, as they may immediately lose semester course credit for the course they are in ? regardless of their grade and/or the date of the offense. Any subsequent violations, regardless of the course grade and/or the date of the offense, will result in the loss of semester credit for the course and removal from all IB courses.

Any student who violates the IB Honor code even once puts their IB status in jeopardy. Violations of the full and partial IB Honor Code can result in the loss of the full diploma and/or subject-level IB certificate. The IBO asks both the teacher and the IB Coordinator to validate the originality of all student work; any CSIHS staff member reserves the right to refuse to sign off on any IB paperwork for students who violate our Honor Code.