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International Baccalaureate Program

IB Exams 2022

May 2022 IB Exam Registration

IB Exams are the summative exams that allow students to demonstrate what they’ve achieved throughout the course.

  • Juniors in 1-year Standard Level Courses
    • Juniors can take up to 2 standard level exams
  • Seniors in any IB Course
    • Seniors can take any higher level or standard level exams
  • Required for IB Diploma and IB Career-related Program students
    • IB Diploma Program students must take 3 higher level and 3 standard level exams (unless they already took a standard level exam as a junior)
    • IB Career-related Program students must take at least two exams at any level
  • IB Exams are the summative exams that allow students to demonstrate what they’ve achieved throughout the course.
  • IB Exams for all courses are made up of two components:
    • Internal Assessment (IA) – this is an assessment completed within each course. It is assessed by the teacher. A sample is sent to the IB for moderation. The teacher determines at which point during the course the IA will take place.
    • External Assessment – these are the exams that take place in May. These assessments are sent to the IB for grading.
  • The scores from all components are combined to give a final score on a 1-7 scale. A 4 is considered passing.
  • Internal Exams can take place at any point in the school year.
  • External Exams will take place between April 29 and May 19, 2022
    • See the attached calendar for the full exam schedule.
  • All exams take place at Chief Sealth International High School
  • Validate and affirm how much you’ve learned in your IB Courses
  • Opportunity to earn college credit!
    • All Washington State colleges and universities must award credit for any IB exam, taken at any level, with a passing score of 4 or above.
    • Many colleges and universities award additional credit for students who earn the IB Diploma
    • Thousands of colleges and universities in the United States and around the world recognize IB and will award college credit.
      • Visit the websites of the colleges and universities in which you’re interested and type “IB Credit” in their search bar OR see Ms. Hays and she can help you.
    • Earning college credit now will help you make faster progress toward your college and career goals!
  • Each exam costs $119.
  • For an IB Diploma student who takes all 6 exams, the cost is $714
    • If you pass one exam, that’s 5 credits given to you at University of Washington
    • The normal cost of 5 credits at University of Washington is $1190.
  • If you qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch, the cost is $0. The state pays for your exams.
    • Please fill out the PayPams form to ensure you qualify for free or reduced lunch at .  Students and families must mark the checkbox on the back of the form to indicate that the family would like to access the added benefits that come with the FRL status, such as IB fee waivers. We must have the information on file to claim the reimbursement from the state. All information is confidential.
  • If you do not qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch but the cost of exams is prohibitive, please see Ms. Hays for an IB Exam Fee Reduction application.
  • Late fees and Withdrawals
    • Any changes made to your exam registration between November 15th and January 15th incur a $38 late fee per subject change and/or addition
    • If you withdraw from an individual exam or all your exams after January 15th, you will not receive a refund and will still be responsible for the full cost of the exams.
    • All fees are set by the International Baccalaureate Organization.  
  1. Show this information to your parent/guardian
  2. Fill out this form by October 29th
    1. If you’re not sure which exams you should register for, check with your teachers and/or Ms. Hays.  
  3. Review the registration and invoice Ms. Hays will give you after you’ve registered. You and your parent/guardian sign the invoice and return to Ms. Hays.
  4. Pay for your exams on SchoolPay in three installments. The Pay Schedule is as follows:
    1. First Payment Due: December 1, 2021
    2. Second Payment Due: February 1, 2022
    3. Final Payment Due: April 29, 2022