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Chief Sealth IB Career-Related Program (IBCP)

Frequently Asked Questions

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IB Career-Related Programme

What does it mean to “do the Career-Related Program”?
To do the Career-related Program, students enroll in at least two IB classes and take CTE courses in a specific CTE Program Area over their Junior and Senior Year. Students also enroll in the Career-related program Core consisting of a class called Personal and Professional Skills, completing 50 service learning hours, 50 language development hours, and a Reflective Project on an ethical dilemma within their chosen career field.

What are examples of Career-related course work?
Currently at CSIHS students may choose courses from any of our CTE program areas: Business and Marketing, Health Sciences, Education and Human Services, Culinary and Hospitality, Skilled and Technical Sciences, and Arts, Media, and Design. Students may take as many IB courses as they like, but they must sit for two exams. In order to receive the certificate, students must earn a score of 3 on both exams.

Are all the course exams the same?
Many course exams are offered at different levels.  Exams and courses are either standard level (SL) or higher level (HL).  For the CP certificate, students can take either SL or HL exams. In foreign language there is a third level, ab inito, for students just beginning to study a world language in their junior year. There are two different math courses available: Applications and Interpretations SL or Analysis and Approaches SL/HL.

What’s the difference between exams and assessments?
All IB exams occur during the month of May. College credit is based on the exam score. Internal assessments are conducted in each IB course and are scored by the teacher. For those students who wish to take the IB exam, they must complete an internal assessment as that work is sent to the IB.

When do the exams take place?
The exams take place world-wide in May.  The exams are either in the morning or afternoon and students are expected to attend their classes during the non-testing period.  The exact start times, locations, and directions will be available prior to testing.

What are those four other requirements for an IB Career-Related Program candidate?

Personal and professional skills class – two semesters
Students on the IB career path take this one credit class during the second semester of their junior year, and the first semester of their senior year. This class is conducted during mentorship and two additional hours either before or after school. The course is designed to prepare and assist students as they study ethical dilemmas related to the world of business and commerce. The course also helps students manage their work load, and helps them develop the personal skills needed to thrive in a business environment.

Service Learning
Students must complete at least 50 hours of community-based service during their junior and senior years. These hours can count toward the 60 hours needed for a Seattle Public Schools diploma, but 50 of them must occur during junior and senior years. Students will keep a portfolio of their service experience and provide evidence of meeting five learning outcomes There are many opportunities to work with student groups at CSIHS who perform community service regularly.

Reflective Project
The culmination of the personal and professional skills class is the reflective project. Students devote at least 50 hours to its completion. Students choose a current ethical dilemma in business and explore the implications from at least two perspectives. Students may choose to write an essay, create a presentation, create a blog, produce a play, or any other medium that is best suited to the student’s choice of material and their goal for their own skill abilities. Each student has an adult mentor to help guide them as they research their project. It is due the end of first semester senior year. It is sent to the IB for a score. For example, students have chosen to study perspectives on a $15 per hour minimum wage in Seattle, LGBQT public bathrooms in the American south, and tourism in sensitive ecological environments.

Language portfolio
Each student working toward the career-path certificate will study a language that is not their first best language. For many students this means being enrolled in a formal second language class. For students who do not choose to take a formal class, they must make time (50 hours) to study the language. Time during the personal and professional skills class is sometimes dedicated to this work. They choose goals for their language development and keep a record of their work toward that goal. The language development goals are listed on the website.