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How to Avoid Plagiarism

To copy or not to never the question!

Your job today is to learn all about plagiarism:
why to avoid plagiarizing, and how to properly show where information in a paper or presentation came from.

  1. Open the Plagiarism Assignment. You will print and turn in this document today – be sure to put your name and the date at the top.
  2. Visit one of these dictionaries: Merriam Webster or Cambridge
    1. ELL students: try a translating dictionary.
    2. Look up PLAGIARISM .
    3. Write the definition of plagiarism on the Plagiarism Assignment.
  3. Visit and read many of the sites below, all of which contain information about plagiarism. You may use some or all of them as resources. You may also choose to find other sites about plagiarism
    1. Write It in Your Own Words
    2. Avoiding Plagiarism
    3. How Not to Plagiarize
    4. Plagiarism Tutorial – Animated!
    5. Plagiarism
    6. How to Avoid Plagiarism
  4. Answer all of the questions on the Plagiarism Assignment that you opened in Step One.
    Put your name on the top – you WILL be handing this in today!
  5. …If it were the question, the answer would be “No.”
    1. Save the final copy of your Plagiarism Assignment to your network folder.
    2. Print your Plagiarism Assignment to the Library printer.
    3. Hand your Plagiarism Assignment to your teacher as your “ticket out the door” when the bell rings.

Plagiarism Quiz Project last updated September 2011.
Created and maintained by Katie Hubert.