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Physical Education, Health, and Exercise Science

Heart shape that says Healthy Lifestyle and has images of items that support a healthy lifestyle such as weights, sports equipment, water bottles, and produce.

Chief Sealth Physical Education, Health, and Exercise Science 

Personal Fitness
Required class for Physical Education. Must take before enrolling in any other PE course. Students enrolled in this class will participate in several different sports including, but not limited to, badminton, football, floor hockey, wrestling, tennis, pickle ball, soccer, volleyball, speed away, basketball, and softball.

Team Sports
This class will focus primarily on the “Big 5” major team sports including volleyball, soccer, softball, basketball, and football with an emphasis on the competitive aspect of these activities. Students should be prepared and enthusiastic about a rigorous workout.

Weight Training Beginning & Advanced
This class is an introduction to weight training, conditioning and body awareness. Students will learn the main concepts of lifting power and auxiliary lifts as well as cardiovascular endurance. Students will also learn and follow the basic rules and organization of the weight room.

Lifetime Activities
This course will be an introductory experience to activities typically performed and enjoyed throughout adulthood. The semester might include some or all of the following activities: table tennis, badminton, pickle ball, bowling, tennis, hockey, capture the flag, walking, jogging, conditioning, yoga, and Tai Chi.

Individual Activities I & II
The walking course introduces a self-paced walking program as a lifelong fitness activity that maintains and enhances physical fitness and well-being. The yoga, Pilates, etc. course encompasses a variety of different activities led by an instructor. Classes may include aerobics mind-body or specialty classes.

IB Sports, Exercise, Health Science
The course incorporates the traditional disciplines of Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, Psychology and Nutrition. Students will undertake practical (experimental) investigations in both laboratory and field settings.

Nutrition and Wellness
Students will learn how to cook delicious, yet healthy meals occasionally throughout the semester. Students will also learn about how diet affect all aspect of their life.

Child Development
An introduction to developmental psychology, exploring the different stages of human life and the biological, psychological and social changes occurring in individuals during them.

Swimming I & II
This course will accommodate all levels–beginning, intermediate, and advanced swimmers. Students will learn water safety, a variety of strokes, and participate in diving as well.

PE Partners
In a Unified Physical Education class, the class is directed towards and planned for students with disabilities to meet their needs and in their Least Restrictive Environment. General education students will participate as classmates taking on roles as partners, leaders, peer models, and to establish a culture of inclusion and support.

Family Health
This class will include topics in nutrition, health and wellness, growth and development, global, mental, community, and reproductive health, health risks, fitness, and safety.

Sports Medicine 1 & 2
This course provides high school students with a general overview of athletic training, sports medicine and its history. It includes introductory information about the AT’s scope of practice: injury prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, emergency injury management and administrative functions.

Seattle Skills Center Courses Available Free to You

West Seattle High School

Nursing Assistant:
Train to earn your Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification.

John Marshall

Health Sciences/Medical Assisting:
Training that leads to careers in the Health Science and work toward your Medical Assisting (MA) certification.

Administrative Medical Office Assistant:
Receive training in a fast growing health profession.

Rainier Beach high School

Fire Fighting/EMS:
This course prepares you for careers as fire fighters and other emergency services careers.

Careers in Physical Education, Health, and Exercise Science

  • Teacher
  • Instructional Aide
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Personal Trainer
  • Coach
  • Athletic Director
  • Allied Healthcare Professional
  • Nutritionist
  • Dietitian
  • Early Childhood Educator
  • EMT
  • Nurse
  • Medical Assistant
  • Many MORE!