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    Running Start

    Running Start is a program which allows students to earn high school and college credit at the same time. Running Start is intended to provide students a program option consisting of attendance at certain institutions of higher education and the simultaneous earning of high school and college/university credit. Running Start was initiated by the Legislature as a component of the 1990 parent and student Learning by Choice Law.

    In order to register for Running Start courses students must be enrolled at a public high school, go to an informational meeting at the community college where they will be attending classes as well as the informational session at Chief Sealth each spring. Students will then be given a Running Start Packet to complete for registration.

    Students need to take the college placement test at the community college they wish to attend, apply for admissions at the college, and bring the results to their counselor along with their parent signed Sealth RS packet. Students interested in Running Start should register in the Spring for Fall quarter.

    Things to be aware of when considering Running Start:

    • Students must be self-sufficient and able to manage the College and High School requirements and rules. 
    • Running start college credit issued to graduating seniors is determined by the receiving college. Be sure to check the colleges' policy on college in the high school credit.
    • Students must read the Sealth announcements on the website everyday.
    • Students must review the program information at the South Seattle webpage and complete the Chief Sealth Running Start packet with parent signatures in order to register for RS courses.
    • Please note, that students should complete registration in the Spring, as the beginning of school year is a busy time and students may have to wait to meet with their counselors.
    • Tuition will be paid by the school district for 100 level courses or above for a credit load that does not exceed 15 community college credits. Any credits over are the responsibility of the family to pay. 
    • Books, supplies, fees, and transportation are the responsibility of the student and their family.
    • Attendance is per instructor and can vary from class to class. Your grade(s) may suffer because of attendance.
    • Although your involvement on the CSIHS campus may be greatly reduced, you still have responsibilities that must be fulfilled in order to graduate from Chief Sealth. Please pay special attention to state testing requirements, service learning due dates and graduation rehearsal dates and more.
    • CSIHS dance tickets, senior photos, and other items sold during break and lunch, are only sold during break and lunch.
    • Running Start courses may conflict with high school extracurricular activities and mandatory state testing. This is also true of vacations and breaks.
    • You must make Quarterly appointments to see your Chief Sealth Professional School Counselor.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to schedule enough transportation time between schools. Students may not leave Sealth classes early in order to attend classes at the college.
    • Seniors may be given progress report forms by their counselor to be filled out by their professor at Running Start for classes required for graduation. These forms must be returned to your counselor ASAP.
    • Seniors who fail required courses winter quarter will not be able to participate in Sealth's graduation activities.
    • Courses taken during spring quarter of senior year do not apply towards graduation at Seattle Schools. All graduation requirements must be met by the end of winter quarter.
    • For more information on Running Start, visit the South Seattle Running Start page - click here.

    ACADEMIC PROBATION/ALERT: if a student fails one class or withdraws from a class they may be put on academic probation or alert. If the student fails a class or withdraws from a class while on academic probation their school counselor may drop the students from Running Start. Being dropped from Running Start may present a scheduling issue (ex. required course may not be offered 2nd semester) and could lead to the student not graduating on time.


    Chief Sealth offers both the Full IB Diploma and the Career Diploma. Students can also opt to take as few or as many IB classes as they would like.  Students who earn the IB Diploma may receive college credits or advanced placement for their high school work. Students who are most interested in one or several of the individual IB content areas may receive college credits or advanced placement in college courses for successfully completing the IB exams for that course. Check with the colleges you are interested in to find out about credit. For more info on the IB Program at Sealth visit out IB Information Page. 

    How to Decide: Running Start offers direct transfer college credit to In-State colleges and universities, it requires students to be off-campus and be self-advocates all while still being required to take exams and other activities at Chief Sealth. IB courses are accepted for direct college credit all over the U.S. and around the world, colleges have published credit equivalency for passing IB scores. For more information contact the college you are interested in attending for input on the courses they would prefer to see on your transcript.