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    Syria conflict
    Frontline video
    The Battle for Syria
    ►Links from Page 6 of the assignment
    Middle East News
    Country Profiles
    Al Arabiya
    Middle East News
    Al Jazeera
    Middle East News
    Washington Post
    Middle East News
    World Factbook
    UW Middle East
    Research Project
    The Guardian
    ►Databases that will help you
    From school computers, access to these databases is automatic. 
    From off-campus computers, you need this information: username: studentsps | password: access
    CultureGrams Link
    Excellent country information for the press kit section of your assignment. Click on the name of your country on the map.
    SIRS Link
    News and articles.
    Facts on File Link
    This link takes you directly to "Syria in Crisis" - but use the search bar to find articles on other topics/countries.
    ProQuest Link
    Extremely current newspaper, journal, and magazine articles.
    Articles by Country : How do events in Syria affect my country?
    Russia Article 12 34
    Article 1 234
    Lebanon Article 1 234
    Turkey Article 1234
    Jordan Article 1234
    Article 1234
    Egypt Article 1234
    Iran Article 1234
    Saudi Arabia Article 1234
    UN Article 12 34
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