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    Japan History Study Center: Link [Database]
    Collection of WWII Japanese Diaries : Link
    History Learning Site: Link
    "Comfort Women" in JapanLink [Database]
    Showa-kan Museum: Life in Japan during WWII: Link (scroll to p. 3)
    Britannica, Zero (Japanese Aircraft): Link
    WWII Aviation: Link [scroll down for info on Japanese plane]
    War Correspondent Describes Life in Japan: Link [Video]
    Photos of Japan during WWII: Link

    US History Study Center: Link [Database]
    Racial Issues in the US Navy: Link [Database]
    American Army Preparing for Battle: Link [Database]
    American Food During WWII: Link [Database]
    Women and the Marine Corps: Link [Database]
    American Military and the Airplane: Link [Database]
    Health and Medicine in the United States, 1940-59: Link |Database|
    Donald Duck, US Propaganda: Link (Video)
    WWII Aviation: Link [scroll down for info on US planes]
    The U.S. Home Front During WWII: Link
    US Rationing During WWII: Link
    American Women in WWII: Link

    USSR HistoryStudy Center:  Link [Database]
    Invasion of the Soviet Union, June 1941: Link
    The Soviet Experience in WWII: Link

    Italy History Study Center: Link [Database]
    Jews in Italy in WW2: Link
    WWII Aviation: Link [scroll down for info on Italian plane]
    Life in Italy: Link

    France History Study Center: Link [Database]
    Vichy Policy on Jewish Deportation: Link
    History Learning Center: French Resistance: Link
    Photos: Normandy, Then and Now: Link
    Life in Occupied France During the Second World War: Link