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    Club Guidelines – Chief Sealth International High School

    Clubs are a fun and enriching part of our Chief Sealth International Community!

    In order for clubs to be successful please follow these policies:

    #1 All ASB sanctioned clubs must have elected officers and a constitution. (If you need help creating a constitution please see the Activities Coordinator for examples.)

    #2 Clubs should meet on at least a monthly basis and submit minutes to the ASB. (See policy on Mentorship meetings below.)

    #3 Clubs must have a staff member advisor. The staff advisor must be present at all meetings and events that are held at school. Advisor must also attend any fundraiser for your club.

    #4 Clubs must follow ASB procedure for fundraising. (See fundraising policy below.)

    #5 Club officers must purchase an ASB card. Clubs are encouraged to have their members purchase ASB cards as well.

    #6 Clubs must be open to any and all students that wish to join.

    Mentorship Meeting Policy: There are no designated “club days”. It is suggested that clubs find a before or after school meeting time. Clubs that must meet during the day can choose one mentorship “Travel Day” a month to be a meeting time for their club. Clubs must approve this day with the Activities Coordinator at least one week in advance to avoid conflicts. (If clubs want to create a yearlong calendar of meeting days, that can be approved as well.) Club attendance should be submitted to the ASB with the meeting minutes.
    Fundraiser Policy: Any ASB sanctioned club must follow proper ASB fundraising guidelines. Fundraisers must have proper paperwork submitted at least a week in advance. Most successful fundraisers are planned much more than a week in advance, so plan ahead. Fundraisers are granted on a first come-first serve basis. Submit your paperwork early if you want a particular time period or item. Clubs will be allowed 3 fundraisers a year. Only one of those can be any sort of Sealth Gear. Fundraisers that involve food items are VERY complicated. See the Activities Coordinator for the full rules regarding food fundraisers. Fundraisers done outside of school guidelines or without ASB approval must be labeled as such.

    Click here for the form you need to fill out to apply to ASB to start your club!
    Any questions? Please see the Activities Coordinator:
    Ms. Martin –