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    This form is required for a non-Sealth student to attend a Sealth sponsored dance. Sealth Students may bring one guest to a school dance. This form must be completed with all needed signatures BEFORE guest tickets can be purchased.

    Part 1 - Hosting Student Info:

    CSIHS Host Student Name: ____________________________ Grade: __________

    I acknowledge that my student is bringing a guest to a CSIHS dance and will be responsible for their behavior:

    CSIHS Parent/Guardian Name: ______________________________________________

     CSIHS Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________________________________

    Part 2 - Guest Student Info:

    Guest Student Name: _______________________________ Birthdate: __________

    I understand and agree that I must follow all rules of CSIHS and the Seattle Public School District or my guest status will be terminated immediately and I will be asked to leave the activity.

    Guest Student Signature: ____________________________ Phone Number: ________________

    Guest Student Parent’s Signature: (Required if under age 18) ___________________________________________

    Part 3: (choose the option that applies to your guest) – Guest Verification
    check box image

    Student attends another high school. Guest’s School Name _____________________________  

    Guest’s School Administrator Name: ________________________________________
    Please attach a current business card to this form.

    The student listed above is a student in good standing at our school. I would expect him/her to follow all rules associated with a Chief Sealth High School Dance.

    Guest’s School Administrator Signature: _____________________________________


    check box image
    Student has graduated or is no longer in school.
    Guest Student’s Driver’s License/State Issued ID# ________________________

    Part 4: A Chief Sealth International High School Administrator must sign this form:
    CSIHS Administrator’s Signature: ___________________________

    Student guests must provide valid, up-to-date, picture identification at the door. The ID will be held by security until the guests leave the dance. Guests must be no older than 20 years old. Guest Forms must be submitted when purchasing tickets and are due at least 24 hours before a dance. Guest Forms will not be accepted at the door.