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    The Spanish Immersion Program is a continuation of the dual language/immersion programs at Concord International School and Denny International Middle School. The students enrolled in this program will take two courses taught in Spanish each year. Students who wish to enroll in this program, but were not part of the elementary and middle school immersion programs, must demonstrate a high level of Spanish language proficiency.

    Some of the benefits of the Spanish Immersion Program include:

    1. Immersion students achieve high proficiency in Spanish.
    2. Research shows that bi-literate students develop greater cognitive flexibility than monolingual students (memory, problem-solving skills, attention control, etc.).
    3. Immersion students develop high levels of cultural competency.
    4. Immersion students will likely earn the Washington State Seal of Bi-literacy on their high school diploma.



    GRADE 9

    GRADE 10

    GRADE 11


    Spanish Lang.

    AP Spanish Lang.

    Spanish Immersion 2A

    (1 sem.)

    IB Spanish 5

    AP Spanish Language Course

    Social Studies in Spanish

    World History 1 & 2

    Global Leadership

    (1 sem.)

    IB History
    of the

    IB 20th Century World History