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      • IB Exams: Done!
      • IB Career Path Informational Meetings Scheduled
      • IB Summer Homework
      • IB IOCs (oral examinations) for all juniors in language and literature class coming soon!

      • IB Fines and Fees

    IB Exams: Done!

    For the 89 students who took a risk and said ‘yes’ to taking an IB exam, it’s been a long three weeks. However, our students showed up on time, understood the tasks, and applied themselves with gusto. I am especially grateful for how amazing they were the day an IB examiner came to our school to make sure we were in compliance (we were!). To those 89 students, we’re very proud of you.

    A huge debt of gratitude to our adult volunteers for donating their time and enthusiasm to assisting during testing. It’s appropriate that teacher appreciation week occurs right in the middle of exams, because it was clear students were prepared for the rigor of IB exams. Thank you teachers!

    IB exam results are published on July 7th this year, and students can find their results through the website. 

    IB Career Path Informational Meetings Scheduled

    If your child is a current junior and would like to know more about the IB career-related pathway (CP), I am holding meetings this week to tell them all about it. They only need to attend one of them. 

    All meetings in room 269. 
         May 17th right after school
         May 18th during mentorship
         May 22nd both before and after school

    To be eligible for this program, students must be enrolled in at least two IB classes, and take the exams for those classes in May of senior year. 

    We’ll talk about the personal and professional skills class, the reflective project and the language and community service hours. I also have lots of CP information on the Chief Sealth website under Academics. As ever, if you have questions please contact me. 

    IB summer homework   

    Please be sure to ASK about summer homework for IB courses. The summer work assignment descriptions can be found on the IB website under Academics. If your child is in one of these classes next year, they have work due the first week of school. 

    Biology for incoming juniors and seniors
    Theory of Knowledge for current juniors

    IB IOCs (oral examinations) for all juniors in language and literature class coming soon!

    Mr. Mac, Mr. Casey and Ms. Allison will be conducting oral examinations for all current junior IB language and literature students. These occur during the school day beginning May 22-June 18th. You child will receive their exact exam time and date very soon. 

    IB Fines and Fees

    When your child registered for IB exams, the school paid those fees immediately. I generated an invoice and gave it to your child. If you have not seen this invoice, please contact me and I will email you a pdf copy right away. All fees should be paid to Jeff Patterson, in the fiscal clerk’s office. IB exam fees that are not paid in full for the exam session for which they accrue, will result in those fees becoming a fine posted to your child’s school account. Outstanding fines can hinder your child’s opportunities to participate in school activities, like dances and games. 

    Thank you, parents, for all the treats and meals during teacher appreciation week. Yum!!