End of Year Laptop Returns

End of School Year 2020-21 Device Return

At the end of school this spring, all students will need to return the SPS Technology they are using. These will be refurbished and re-imaged over the summer for new check-outs in the fall.

We will send out more information as we get closer to the end of classes. The following items will need to be returned after classes are over:

What should I bring?

  • Device (Laptop or iPad)
  • All Chargers or Power Cords
  • Laptop Sleeve, iPad Cover
  • For 2nd Graders: iPad Keyboards
  • Hotspot (along with charger, battery and bag)
  • Return Form

Return Form 

You will need to fill out a Return Form to slip inside your device or case as you return the SPS technology. No fines or fees will be applied this year, but the forms will help us quickly identify any repairs or replacements needed before fall.

Families with Students at Different Schools

If your children attend multiple schools, you can return the SPS technology to one school and we will sort it out for the proper schools.

Students with Assistive Devices or in Summer SPS Classes

Students who are enrolling in summer school classes may keep the devices through July to turn in at the end of summer classes.

Students who have assistive devices may keep them through summer to start school with them again in the fall.