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Student Supplies

Students who need assistance purchasing the items on this list may contact the CSI main office. Anyone wishing to donate items on this list to other students may also contact the main office.

Required ItemsNeeded For

Pencils (many)

Mathematics, Language Arts

Pens (many)

All subjects

Lined Paper (loose-leaf)

All subjects

Composition Books (3 total – 4 if taking language)

Mathematics, World History, Science, World Languages

Flash Drive (1)

All subjects

Notebook/Binder/Folders/Organizational System (1 or more) and Dividers (or separate sections)

All subjects

Notebooks (1 per class)

All subjects

White t-shirt 


Athletic shorts or pants


Tennis shoes and socks (Shoes should be well-fitted with laces, and comfortable to run in.)


Sweat shirt (for cold days)


Graphing Calculator (TI-84 Plus)*

Mathematics, Science

Day Planner

All subjects

Post-it notes for annotating

All subjects

Reusable water bottle

All subjects


All subjects

Chisel-tip dry erase markers

Science, World Languages


All subjects

Colored Pencils

All subjects

Ruler (metric)

Science, Mathematics


Science, Mathematics, World Languages

Graph Paper

Mathematics, Science




All subjects

Glue sticks

World Languages

Construction Paper (multi-colored)


Box of Tissues

We always need them!

*Note: The Graphing Calculator is highly recommended. It is expensive (about $100). It is worth the investment, because students will have it for all four years of high school, and will use it often in mathematics and science courses. We have some graphing calculators to use at school, but not enough for everyone, and it is extremely helpful to have access to the graphing calculator at home. .