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    There are two types of transcripts. Official and unofficial.  Official transcripts are sealed in an envelope  and stamped with the school seal and signed; they cannot be opened. If you open them they will no longer be official. Unofficial transcripts are unsealed printed with no signature. To order a transcript you must request a transcript from the counseling secretary in the counseling office.  Transcripts will be available within 2-3 days of being requested.  Students must pick up requested transcripts or bring addressed postage paid envelopes in order for the school to mail them.  Digital copies are ordered through the same process, be sure to include your email address for digital transcripts. Transcripts are only available to students who are currently attending or graduated within the last two years.  Students who graduated previous to two years must request transcripts from the district office downtown and pay the transcript fee.

    Middle School Grades on Transcripts

    To add credit and grades for high school courses taken in  Seattle Public Schools middle schools to you Washington State official High School Transcript, you much complete the Grade Addition form and return it to your high school counselor. Note, that once added courses cannot be removed. Adding courses may affect your weighted g.p.a. Forms are available on the district website and in the counseling office.