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Associated Student Body (ASB)

CSI Constitution

CSI Constitution 2018


We, the students of Chief Sealth International to promote a representative and democratic government, outstanding sportsmanship, student activities, and the general welfare for Chief Sealth International High School; to improve and promote student, staff, and community interaction through mutual respect and communication; to increase student voice in school management; and to continue and establish tradition, activities, events, and responsibilities which promote a positive school atmosphere and culture, establish the Constitution of the Student Body of Chief Sealth International High School.


With this Constitution we recognize the Associated Student Body of Chief Sealth International High School established on 1957. Our mascot for all Chief Sealth International co-curricular activities shall beThe Seahawk. The school colors shall be Columbia blue, red, and white.


This Constitution acknowledges and supports the rights and responsibilities for every student who attends Chief Sealth International High School.


(Structure of Government)


The Associated Student Body shall allow for a system consisting of three branches: Executive, Representative, and Judicial.


The Executive Branch shall consist of the five elected ASB officers. This branch shall serve to make day to day decisions with the assistance of the Activity Coordinator concerning activities that positively impact student life, supporting the schools mission, supporting the school district guidelines and following state policies. This branch is responsible for the creation, implementation and overview of financial decisions affecting the ASB


The Representative Branch shall consist of the elected Class Officers, Student Council, the BLT, Staff and Community. Members of the Representative Branch will be given ample opportunities to provide input, feedback and ideas.


The Judicial Branch shall consist of the ASB and the Administration, specifically the Activity Coordinator and/or the Principal. With this branch rests the responsibility of previewing actions and/or programs, especially those that are new, innovative, or mean a substantive change to current practices, prior to invoking the veto power of the Principal.


(Officers and Duties)

SECTION 1:Student Government Officers

  1. Membership of the Student Government includes:
  • ASB
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Spirit Commissioner
    • Running Start Rep
  • Class Officers (5 each for Senior, Junior, Sophomore and Freshman)
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Spirit Commissioner
  1. Duties of the Student Government includes but is not limited to:
  • ASB
  • Organize, plan and execute Homecoming and Homegoing weeks, all Spirit Assemblies, and all Student Council meetings.
  • Attend monthly Seattle School District leadership meetings.
  • Maintain regular hours (minimum 5 hours per week) in ASB office.
  • Attend all weekly “official” ASB business meetings.
  • Grant charters to clubs and organizations
  • Approve all student body financing and spending
  • Investigate and report on matters referred to it by the student body and/or faculty.
  • Fulfill duties as assigned by the Activity Coordinator.
  • Senior Class
    • Organize, plan and execute Homecoming dance and Senior Prom dance.
    • Select Graduation program, announcements, class motto, etc.
    • Assist Activity Coordinator in planning and executing all Senior activities (Grad Night, Graduation, Awards, etc)
    • Work with Advisor to maintain budget
    • Lead Senior participation in spirit activities (Wall decorating, lunchtime activities, spirit assemblies, etc)
    • Assist ASB Officers as needed
  • Junior Class
    • Organize, plan and execute Winter Ball dance
    • Begin researching venues for Senior Prom.
    • Plan and execute at least 1 class fundraiser
    • Lead Junior participation in spirit activities (Wall decorating, lunchtime activities, spirit assemblies, etc)
    • Assist ASB Officers as needed.
  • Sophomore Class
    • Lead, organize and operate concessions for basketball games
    • Organize, plan and execute Tolo (if applicable)
    • Plan and execute at least one class fundraiser
    • Lead Sophomore participation in spirit activities (Wall decorating, lunchtime activities, spirit assemblies, etc)
    • Assist ASB Officers as needed
  • Freshmen Class
    • Help operate concessions for basketball games
    • Plan and execute at least one fundraiser
    • Lead Freshmen participation in spirit activities (Wall decorating, lunchtime activities, etc)
    • Assist ASB Officers as needed
  1. All officers of the Student Government are elected or appointed to a one year term.
  2. The Chief Sealth International ASB budget, and all subsequent budgets under the previously stated shall be established no later than the beginning of September. It is the expectation that this budget be established before school gets out in June.
  • The ASB Treasurer runs the budget meeting.
  • The newly elected Chief Sealth International ASB officers, as well as the Activity Coordinator shall adopt the yearly budget.
  1. The Chief Sealth International ASB shall hold a business meeting at least once a week to discuss and resolve financial and programmatic issues and decisions.

SECTION 2:Representative Branch

This branch consists of the ASB as well as the Student Council.

  1. The purpose of the Student Council is to allow students to communicate with the ASB officers and administration with the students having an opportunity to have their questions or concerns addressed. The council is recommending bodies in which students do not have the authority to make final decisions but students focused concerns/questions are very valuable and will be respected. This body elects a student representative to theBuilding Leadership Team (BLT).
  2. The Student Council shall include one voting representative from each homeroom (as the school schedule is placed), serving a one year term with an election at the beginning of each year.
  • Each homeroom representative shall have one vote as a member of the Student Council.
  • ASB officers will conduct the monthly meetings
  • The meeting shall be held once a month. It is responsibility of the AC/ ASB to determine the consistent meeting time.
  • It is the expectation the day after the meeting the representative conduct a class meeting to review information. Minutes will also be mailed out electronically.
  • If a vote is required the representative or alternate must be in attendance at the Student Council meeting. No votes will be taken by proxy or in review.

SECTION 3:Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch shall consist of the ASB and the Administration, specifically the Activity Coordinator and/or the Principal.

  1. The duties of the ASB when called upon are to act as a review board of proposed actions and/or programs within the student government to review prior to principal or administrative veto.
  2. The Judicial Branch does NOT meet regularly as most business is handled within the operation of the Executive and Representative branches.

SECTION 4:Decision Making

A quorum of any decision-making body exists when 2/3 60% of the elected and appointed officers of that designated group are present. When in process for a decision, a simple majority (51%) of the voting members will be used.

  1. The powers of the various organizations of the ASB are delegated to it by the principal, who shall have the power to veto any measurers adopted by said groups if he/she feels the measure is unreasonable or unsafe, disrupts the academic mission of CSIHS, or violates the WACs or RCWs, district policies, school policies or interferes with the general well-being of the students of Chief Sealth International High School.



SECTION 1:Standards

  1. Terms: All ASB officers, Class Officers, BLT student member and Student Council representatives shall be elected or appointed for a one-year term.
  2. All ASB officers, Class Officers and Student Council Representatives shall meet the eligibility requirements for co-curricular activities as established below by the WIAA. Students must have a term GPA of at least 2.0 and passing 5 full credit classes from the previous semester, they must maintain these standards and follow the guidelines as set forth in the 2007 Seattle Public Schools Athletic Academic Eligibility Standards. ASB signed Personal Contract (see Appendix)
  3. A student must be taking at least 4 full credit classes at Chief Sealth International High School to be an officer. (The Running Start Rep is exempt from this standard)

SECTION 2:Elections

  1. Elections for the following year for ASB officers and class officers for 10th, 11th and 12th graders shall occur in the Spring but before Memorial Day weekend.
  2. 9th graders election for class officers shall occur prior to Homecoming in the Fall of the school year.
  3. All Sealth students can vote on candidates for their corresponding class and ASB officers. Voting will be held as best determined by the Activity Coordinator within an established voting period.
  4. The candidate with the most votes assumes the office. The counting of votes must be completed within 24 hours of the vote. The votes will be counted by members of the outgoing ASB and the Activity Coordinator. Each race will be counted at least twice to ensure accuracy.
  5. In the event of a tie, a revote for just that race will occur as soon as possible. In the event of a second tie, the race will be decided by a vote of current ASB and class officers.
  6. All candidates must meet the eligibility requirements that are listed on the student government application. Students that do not follow the rules and requirements may disqualify. If a disqualification occurs after the election is finished, a replacement shall be selected using the “Vacancies in Office” procedures in Section 4 of the Constitution.

SECTION 3:Taking Office

  1. All ASB officers and class officers will take office when the final vote tally is announced and the outgoing officers have completed all of their duties for the year.
  2. In the case that a class position is not filled, the officers elected will meet with their class advisor to recruit and appoint the needed position. Candidates who lost in other class positions shall be considered with a priory.

SECTION 4:Vacancies in Office

  1. In the event of a vacancy occurring in the office of ASB or Class President, the corresponding Vice-president shall assume the duties of that office.
  2. In the event of a vacancy occurring in any other elected ASB or Class Office, the Activity Coordinator, Class and ASB officers will meet, recruit and appoint a temporary replacement officer until the student government (ASB) can appoint a new officer. Notification of students interested in applying for the position will be posted for 2 weeks and at that time the ASB officers will appoint a qualified student to fill the vacancy for the rest of the term.

SECTION 5:Removal from Office

  1. ASB, Class Officers and/or BLT student member who neglect their responsibilities to the ASB including but not limited to lack of participation in ASB activities, mandatory events, office hours, class meetings (unless a legitimate and excusable reason for absence) and/or maintaining good standing will be put on mandatory probation which will include:
    1. Conversation with the Activity Coordinator
    2. Plan to ensure future success.
    3. A timeline that will constitute the first measurement of adequate progress on the plan for success.
  2. An officer (ASB and/or Class Officer) may be recalled by the ASB if the individual acts outside of the intended constitutional rules and regulations or if they cannot meet the requirements of Section A or as outlined on their signed Code of Conduct. ASB signed Personal Contract (see Appendix)
  3. An officer may be recalled by a petition signed by 50% of the officers of the group the officer represents.
  4. If in the opinion of the Activity Coordinator the student recalled does not meet the timeline for adequate progress he/she may be removed from the office. Before removal the student shall have a right of appeal to the Assistant Principal in charge of Activities.



  1. Any and all additions or changes to this Constitution shall require an amendment.
  2. Amendments must be proposed by a member of the Representative Branch to all members of the Representative branch.
  3. Amendments must be ratified by 2/3rds majority vote in the Student Council and 3/4th of the ASB.
  4. A ratified amendment shall be effective immediately.

Amendment #1

Position: “Technologies Officer” Role: The role of the Technologies officer is to take care of all of ASB’s tech needs. Editing Video for video announcements, assembly set­up in auditorium/gymnasium, lights, audio, video recording, Photoshop, video editing for class promo events.

Election Type: Appointed by ASB President, Activities Coordinator and Administrator

Quantity: Two tech officers for all of ASB. They can work together and divide the burden of ASB’s many tech needs. This team of Tech Officers would be in charge of helping ASB, Senior Class, Junior Class, Sophomore Class, and Freshmen Class.

Requirements: Video Editing Proficiency, Camera Recording, Photo/Graphics Editing Proficiency Skills, Expected to be Mastered in Office and Google Docs, Auditorium Mic Set ­Up, Auditorium Lights, Auditorium Projector and Screen, Auditorium Software compatibility knowledge, Auditorium Podium Functions, Gym Mic Set ­Up, Gym Audio

Application Process: Have to follow ASB Election Packet Guidelines and Process and create a 30sec­ – 1min video displaying video skills to include: Text on Screen, Video Transitions, Video Scene Switches and Cuts, Clear Audio, implementation of Music Mp3, Camera Audio, sound effects, and “voice overs”, Slo-mo and Speed­-Up



  1. A proposed Constitution shall be adopted by a majority vote of the members of the ASB and Student Council provided that a quorum of the ASB and Student Council are present.

This version of the Constitution of the Associated Student Body of Chief Sealth International High School was ratified on: 5/24/2018

Appendix: Attached “Personal Contract”