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    Activities Coordinator
    - Sarah Martin - -206-252-8593
    Athletic Director - Ernest Policarpio - -206-252-8603

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    The Daily Bulletin is sent out to the CSIHS staff and PTSA mailing list each day and is read aloud to our students by the ASB officers. This is a great way to promote meetings, games, and events, and also to honor achievements by our CSIHS teams and clubs. To submit announcements, please e-mail with the word “announcement” in the subject line by 4:00pm the day before it needs to be read. For multiple days, please note start and end dates in the e-mail. Announcements cannot be read for longer than 5 consecutive days. Please make sure to include all important details and word your announcement exactly how you would like it to be read, including contact info to be published with the announcement.

    If you have an important event that you would like to be displayed on the digital reader board, please also e-mail those requests to The reader board is generally updated once a week. The reader board has size limitations and can only do 4-5 words per screen, so please be brief.

    The school website and newsletters (quarterly) are both managed by Katie Hubert, our librarian. If you have content for either the website or the newsletter, please contact her at

    Please utilize these ways to get the word out! We don’t know what your group is doing unless you tell us!

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    Fundraisers are a great way to support your team or club without being a financial burden on our students. Fundraisers here at CSIHS must be approved by the ASB executive council, follow WIAA rules, and abide by WAC regulations. A full fundraiser packet is available in the ASB office, on the Sealth website, or by e-mailing Here are some guidelines to get you started:

    1. Decide what you want to sell or offer. Fundraisers with large up-front investments are risky. Pre-orders have been successful in the past for Sealth gear. Consider providing a service (having your team do yard work, for example) or holding an event. Food fundraisers are discouraged, as there are tons of regulations on what can be sold, when, and where.

    2. Get your fundraiser form (forms available in the ASB office or on the website) filled out as soon as possible. We need at least a week for approval, but as soon as you know what and when you want to sell, start the process in case there are any issues. Fundraisers are also first-come-first-serve, and we avoid having multiple groups fundraise during the same times, so reserve your fundraiser item by submitting your form.

    3. Ask questions and get approvals BEFORE anything is ordered. Contact Jeff Patterson, our Fiscal Specialist, ( with questions on ordering, purchase orders, and payments. Make sure you have an approved money handling plan before your fundraiser begins.

    Fundraisers and funds that are handled by the “Friends of Sealth” are not handled by the school’s accounting, and must by law be kept separate, HOWEVER - you still must get approval from the Activities Coordinator and the school’s administration for any fundraiser benefiting the school or using our name/logo.
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    The Chief Sealth yearbook staff strives to include as many students and activities as possible in the yearbook each year to show CSIHS’s diversity. Our small but mighty staff will attempt to attend as many CSIHS events to capture photos, but we can’t be everywhere! If you have photos of sporting events, dances, or other fun Chief Sealth International happenings that you would like to see in the yearbook, you can submit them to our online yearbook site: (order number 7407). All sports teams will have their photos taken by Life Touch professional photographers and must schedule these in a timely manner to be included.

    Also please note, yearbook deadlines are much earlier than you would think; we have to submit many pages before the sports seasons are even over. Please submit photos as soon as possible to be included. Thanks!
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    Chief Sealth facilities are available for teams, clubs and groups to use (mostly free of charge), but all building usage that occurs outside of normally scheduled classes must have a building permit for scheduling, insurance, and custodial purposes. This includes all classrooms and “public” spaces, such as the Gym, the Galleria, the Commons, or outdoor spaces at SWAC. This is done through an online system called “School Dude” and it is necessary to communicate building usage with all needed departments. Donna Veenhuizen, our main office secretary, is happy to help you schedule events. Please make sure to include all important info when scheduling events (if restrooms are needed, set up and clean up times, and what other services are needed for the event). Most events that occur on school days, 7:30 am - 5:30 pm will not incur any charges. After-hours usage, weekend usage, and events that require additional tech or custodial services will be charged to your group’s ASB account.
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