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    Clubs at CSIHS

    All clubs at Chief Sealth International High School are student driven and change from year to year.


    Current Clubs and Their Staff Advisors:

    Please email staff advisors for information on how to join a club and when the club meets.

    Renewing or Starting a Club

    Every year, per ASB laws, ALL CLUBS must fill out a quick application with important info. This must be submitted before any club fund-raising or fund-spending can be approved.

    If you’d like to START A NEW CLUB, it’s the same application form.

    To Renew or Start a club, please fill out the online form by clicking the following link:

    All clubs must also have a constitution. Here is a sample.

    All club officers must have ASB endorsements (ie. pay the ASB fee, receive the sticker for your ID card) for the current school year. NOTE: this requirement is suspended during the COVID-19 Pandemic school closure.

    Official clubs must also submit monthly minutes. You can write or type your own minutes, or submit your minutes by clicking the following link: SUBMIT MINUTES HERE

    Information for club advisors:Click here for resources. Make sure you are logged in to your SPS account for access.