Chief Sealth International High School

Chief Sealth International
High School
Chief Sealth International High School


About Chief Sealth International High School

As a Seattle Public Schools International School, Sealth offers a high school curriculum with the following characteristics

  • A global perspective in every content area
  • Robust World Language offerings, including continuation from the Concord and Denny dual-language Spanish program
  • 21st-century college and career readiness
  • State of the art technology and innovative teaching
  • Teachers and Staff with Multicultural Competency

Chief Sealth is a comprehensive high school that offers a wide array of opportunities for students who value learning in a dynamic,multi-cultural environment. It is an exceptional place that celebrates innovation and individuality. As a center of international educational excellence, we provide students opportunities to study the world both in the classroom and beyond. Our academic and arts offerings, our career preparation, and our athletic programs focus on educating global citizens.

Students who attend Chief Sealth value the openness of the school community, and the opportunity to participate in a wide range of academic, athletic, arts and club activities, which connect their high school experience to what?s important in their lives. It’s a place where students can excel, be themselves, and find a place where they belong.

One of the cornerstones of this internationalism is our rich cultural diversity, and our interest in multiple approaches to knowledge.

This multiculturalism finds expression in a wide range of offerings including our mariachi band, world language classes including Arabic,Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese, exchange programs to China and Guatemala in addition to our International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program.

Diversity is a key to excellence in education. Sealth is committed to enriching the lives of our students, faculty, and staff by providing a diverse campus where the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and perspectives is an active part of learning.

Chief Sealth High School has been recognized as one of the few Seattle Public Schools that remains a “community” school. Most of the students live close to the school, many of the alumni live near the school, and many of the students are children of Sealth alumni. We are committed to rally our neighbors in West Seattle around the positive activities a tour school and for our students to reciprocate that pride and enhance our community.

A graphic that illustrates the concepts of international education.

International Education
in the center Global Citizens

Components of International Education (Seattle School Board policy No. 2177:
 Cultural/Global Competency, Global Perspective, World Languages

the final circle includes:

Global Competence Matrix (CCSSO/Asia Society:

- Investigate the World Recognize Perspectives
- Communicate Ideas Take Action

21st Century Skills (SPS Strategic Plan):
- Communication and Collaboration Skills
- Creative and critical Thinking
- Growth Mindset and Perseverance