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College and Career Ready Pathways Guide to Graduation

The purpose of the College and Career Ready Pathways Guide is to help you and your caretakers/parents understand the high school course selection process. The decisions you make today will affect your life forever. We want to ensure that you develop a plan that sets you up for success in high school … and beyond. Graduating from high school with a college/career ready diploma will be one of the greatest accomplishments of your life, and will open doors to an incredible future.

However, success in high school takes careful planning. The sample schedules in this guide should help you select a pathway which matches your personal interests as well as your academic and career or post-high school goals. All pathways will lead you to graduation. Some are more challenging than others, but ALL meet the entrance requirements for college, military, apprenticeships and the workforce.

You can even mix and match the selections within this guide to create your own personalized pathway in consultation with your counselor and parent/guardian. A personalized pathway allows you to waive the state requirement of 2 years of World Language and up to 1 year of the Art requirement.