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Course Guide: English/Language Arts

English/Language Arts

Graduation Requirements:

  • Class of 2015& 2016 – 3 credits (6 semesters) of Language Arts
  • Class of 2016 & beyond – 4 credits (8 semesters) of Language Arts

In Language Arts classes, 9th-12th grade, students read literature from a variety of genres, to include, short stories, novel, drama, poetry, and nonfiction.  They will complete writing in a variety of modes, including narrative, expository, and persuasive.  Public speaking and performance is a component of all classes.  

Our 9th and 10th grade classes operate as “blended honors” classes.  Students can choose to designate themselves as “honors” students at the beginning of the year and will be required to complete honors level assignments.  Honors students should opt in as desired, and are encouraged to base their choice on having reading and writing levels that are at or above grade level.

Our 11th and 12th grades are all taught as a two-year IB course, though students have the option to choose “higher level” courses or “standard level” courses.  Students who plan to take the IB exam at the end of their senior year in an effort to earn college credit are encouraged to take the HL course starting in their junior year.  In addition, students who are reading or writing at or above grade level are encouraged to take the higher-level course.

Language Arts 9A, 9B – Intro. to Literature and Composition
Credits:   0.5 credit / semester
Grade(s):  9
Length of Course:  Two Semesters
Graduation Requirement Satisfied:  Lang Arts 9A, B

Students are introduced to literary genres, literary terms, and analysis of literature.  Students read at least two major works each semester and read independently as well.  Students also expand their research skills, reading informational texts and exploring current issues through reading, writing, and projects.

Language Arts 10A, 10B – World Literature and Composition
Credits:  0.5 credit / semester
Grade(s):  10
Graduation Requirement Satisfied:  Lang Arts 10 A, B

Reading will include plays, novels, short stories, and poetry from around the world.  Students also focus on analyzing informational texts to determine authors’ positions and will practice synthesizing sources to defend a position in preparation for the Smarter Balanced Assessment. The work in this year is also focused on preparing students for future IB coursework.  

International Baccalaureate English, Language and Literature
Credits:  0.5 credit / semester
Grade(s):  11, 12
Prerequisite:  None
Graduation Requirement Satisfied:  Lang Arts 11A, B, 12A, B

IB LA 11 and IB LA 12 are considered a two-year course.  Students explore literature, film, journalism, and linguistics.  Each semester includes formal presentations, analysis essays, and some creative writing.  Students who begin the course in 11th grade may be eligible to test for college credit at the end of the 12th grade year as long as they successfully complete their major assessments each year.  At the higher level, students are expected to take the HL exam and will produce additional coursework.

Academic Reading
Credits:  0.5 credit / semester
Grade(s):  9, 10, 11, 12
Length of Course:  Two Semesters 
Prerequisite:  Permission from Academic Dean / Teacher Recommendation
Graduation Requirement Satisfied:  LA Elective

This class is designed to improve a student’s current reading ability.  READ 180 uses materials specifically designed to improve a student’s reading and writing skills. READ 180 uses pre-selected texts at a variety of reading levels and interests, computer-based activities to improve spelling, vocabulary, and fluency, as well as small and large group activities to develop text analysis and writing techniques.  The course is a year-long class, although students who score well on the SRI retake at the semester may transition out of the class.