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Grading Policy, Grade Changes & Replacements

Pass (P) and No-Pass (E) grades must be requested in writing during the first five (5) weeks of the semester. (Form available in the Counseling Office, on Chief Sealth’s website). Only one (P) is allowed per semester. A (P) grade indicates the student has passed and earned credit for the course. An (E) grade indicates the student did not pass or earn credit for the course.

Letter grades are based on the following scale:
93   100%A73 – 76%C
90 – 92%A-73 – 76%C
87 – 89%B+70 – 72%C-
83 – 86%B67 – 69%D+
80 – 82%B-60 – 66%D
77 – 79%C+59% and below E

Any deviation from the grading policy must be approved by the Principal and stated in teacher’s course syllabus. 

Grade Changes
Grade changes are allowed only when

  • A student received an “E.”  The teacher must submit a Grade Change form justifying the reason for the grade change.
  • There is a teacher error in recording the grade 
  • A course and grade were not recorded.

After receiving an “E” (with a comment that student’s work was satisfactory) the student has no more than five (5) weeks to complete the work. (Form available in the Counseling Office and on Chief Sealth’s website.)  

All grade changes must be submitted within five (5) school weeks after that grading period has ended. The teacher will submit the grade change to the appropriate counselor who forwards the paperwork to the appropriate administrator, and then to the Registrar. The Registrar processes the grade change, and updates the student’s transcript.

Making up a Failed Required Course & Grade Replacement
To graduate, students must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA in core subjects: language arts, history, math, and science. If a student fails a required course, he / she must retake it and pass to graduate. Failed courses can be made up in online courses for a fee.  See your counselor.  Some Running Start courses can also qualify. Counselor approval is required before registering in any non-Chief Sealth course.

Grade replacement occurs when a student wants to improve the grade he / she received the first time the course was taken. When replacing a grade, the student is required to take the course over. The first grade remains on the transcript but is not computed in the GPA. The student does not receive double credit for the course.