Chief Sealth International High School

Chief Sealth International
High School
Registration & Course Information

Registration Procedure, Schedule Changes, Dropping a Course

Registration Procedure
Students pre-register in the spring for the following year. Courses requested by students help determine the master schedule.

Parents / Guardians:
Review your student’s academic history and registration requirements to determine the appropriate courses for the student’s academic plans. (See Sample Academic Programs on pages 5-6 as a guide. Page 4 outlines the Graduation Requirements).

Newly admitted & late registering students must:

  • verify admission with the Registrar.
  • work out a class schedule with his/her counselor.

Please note:  Classes will be offered based on staff availability and the number of students who request courses.  Signing up for a course is not a guarantee of enrollment.  If there is a course that Chief Sealth does not offer that you would like to have offered, please speak to your counselor or administrator. 

Schedule Changes (Ten-day Rule)
Schedule changes must be completed BEFORE the end of the tenth (10th) school day of the first semester and before the end of the fifth (5th) school day of the second semester. 
Changes are made ONLY for the following academic reasons:

  • Error in course placement
  • Attended alternative school or summer school program and completed the course ahead of time
  • Running Start schedule

All other changes require administrative approval. All schedule change requests must be submitted in writing using the Course Change Request form found in the Counseling Office. Request forms must be signed by the student and their parent or guardian. 

Dropping a Course
After the first ten (10) days of the semester, district policy states “a student may not drop a class unless there is extenuating circumstances. The dropped class cannot create a hole in the student’s schedule.” If the drop occurs during the first five (5) weeks of class, the course will be recorded as “W” (withdrawn) on the student’s transcript. After the first five (5) weeks, it will record as “E” (no grade). No courses can be added after the tenth (10th) school day of the semester. Parent / Guardian signature is required to process a request for withdrawal.