Chief Sealth International High School

Chief Sealth International
High School

Letter to Families from Principal Garcia Morales

Dear Chief Sealth Families,

Yesterday, a concern was brought to our attention regarding group text messages written by several Chief Sealth International students. The content of the text messages was graphic in nature and extremely inappropriate. Chief Staff International staff stand united that we do not condone this type of talk.

As soon as my team became aware of these messages, we took immediate action, including:

  • The school administration team is investigating the concerns and exploring appropriate discipline and additional corrective action.
  • Our social workers and school leaders are reaching out to offer direct support to each student who was a subject of the messages.
  • Chief Sealth International athletic leaders are developing a plan to promote gender equity, prevent sexual harassment, and help our students better understand what behaviors are expected of students and athletes.

I take the safety and wellbeing of our students very seriously. I appreciate the messages and questions families have sent to me expressing their concern about this issue. Our school and athletic teams are taking proactive steps to be sure our young people approach their peers and community members with respect.

The district and the admin team support students’ rights to express their views in a peaceful manner, including assembly and peaceful protest.

Our school has support available for students. In addition to our social workers and counselors, our school has a Teen Health Center that can help students talk through their concerns. You can find a list of student supports on our school website.

Thank you to the students who reported these messages to school staff. I encourage students to report any concerns they have to administration or other trusted adults. We want students to understand that it is important to report to a trusted adult when someone is hurt, in danger, or in an unsafe situation.

Please talk to your students to help them understand that comments that encourage sexual violence are not acceptable at our school. I am including some resource links that may be useful in talking to your students.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me.


Principal Ray Garcia Morales
Chief Sealth International High School