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Compulsory Attendance Letter

Seattle Public Schools Attendance Policy

September 2023

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Seattle Public Schools believes that attendance is one of the most powerful predictors of academic achievement and that having your student present, ready to learn each school day will benefit them, their classmates, and the whole school community. Please help us in ensuring that your student has great attendance this school year.

Our Promise to You

We know that there are a wide variety of reasons that students are absent from school, from health concerns to transportation challenges. There are many people in our buildings prepared to help you if you or your student face challenges in attending school regularly or on time. We promise to track attendance daily, notice when your student is not present, communicate with you to understand why they were absent, and help identify barriers and supports available to overcome challenges you may face in helping your student attend school either in-person or remotely.

What We Need from You

We miss your student when they are gone, and we value their contributions to their school. We would like you to help ensure that your student attends regularly and is successful in school, whether they are enrolled in either in-person learning or remote learning. If your student is going to be absent, please contact your student’s school in advance. If an absence was unplanned, please contact the school within two school days of your student’s return.

What You Can do to Help:

If Your Child is Enrolled for In-Person Learning

  • Have your child attend school unless they are truly sick, such as a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, a contagious rash, or any COVID-19, or other communicable disease related health conditions as defined in WAC 392-401-020.
  • Schedule appointments and arrange travel for times when school is not in session.
  • Keep track of your child’s attendance. Missing school, excused or unexcused, puts your child at risk of falling behind.
  • Set a regular bedtime and morning routine. Ensure that your child finishes their homework the night before.

If Your Child is Enrolled for Remote Learning

  • Please notify your child’s school if your student will not be participating in their synchronous meeting or class or asynchronous activity due to illness, such as a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or any COVID-19 related health condition.
  • Maintain communication with your child’s school and teacher if additional support is needed or to discuss barriers that prevent your student from participation in their remote meetings, classes, or activities.
  • Develop a regular remote learning routine. Ensure that your child finishes their asynchronous activities the night before.

Thank you and have a great school year!
SPS District Attendance Office


Your signature below indicates that you have read (or someone read it to you) and understand this letter. After signing, please send this document back to your student’s school by attaching the signed document to an email, or by hard copy to your school’s main office.

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NOTE: If you have any questions pertaining to attendance for your student, please contact your school.

Portions of this letter are attributable to Attendance Works.

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