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Career Pathways – What are your Options?

Why should I choose a career pathway?

A career pathway is a road map for getting from where you are now to the career you want to have. A good pathway clearly lays out the education you will need and the typical jobs at the end of the pathway.  A good plan can save you time and money.


Pre-apprenticeships are hands-on training programs that help prepare people for entry and success in the building trades. These programs provide training and education, in addition to helping with driver’s licensing, transportation, child care, budgeting, etc. The best part is if you show up and bring your best every day, they will help you get into a paid apprenticeship program. If you are a high school senior or recent graduate, enrolling in a pre-apprenticeship program is the best route to success!

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Apprenticeship Programs

Once you are in an apprenticeship training program, you are working on a construction site, learning your trade and getting paid. You EARN while you LEARN. It takes about four years for apprentices to become experienced journey-level workers. They reach journey level by learning from experienced workers on the job site and taking classes. Apprentices get regular pay raises along the way, plus benefits and a pension.

A career in the building trades is important, fast-paced work that is physically and mentally challenging. At the end of each day, you will be very proud of what you have learned and what you have built. Most importantly, you will be able to support yourself and your family for a lifetime.

Technical Degrees and Certificates

Program Finder

Application for Washington State Community and Technical Colleges

Learn more about some of the community and tech colleges in the Seattle area:

Seattle Promise – College for Every Seattle Student

Free Tuition is Just the Beginning
Seattle Promise brings college education within reach for every Seattle public high school student, no matter your grades or finances. Students accepted to the program can receive up to two years (or 90 credits) of free college tuition at North Seattle College, Seattle Central College, or South Seattle College, as well as personalized support to transition from high school and succeed in college.

Seattle Promise Scholarship Application Deadline is February 17