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Course Requests

Students request courses in the spring each year. We recommend that students complete a graduation checklist before completing “course requests”. Students and parents should be aware of all graduation requirements and students progress. Please be aware that if you requested a course, the schedule building software will do its’ best to assign it to you however spaces are limited, if a class is full you are guaranteed a course that fulfills graduation requirements. Courses requested in the spring may not be changed later. Schedules will be available for pick up at Orientation. If you have questions about course planning you should review the course catalog and then set up an appointment with your counselor during the year. Counselors will not make appointments during the first week of school as they finish schedules that need manual completion, however counselors will call students out of class as needed.

Seattle Public Schools Graduation Requirements
State Graduation Testing Requirements

PE Waivers

The state board of education discourages PE waivers because physical activity does not equal physical education curriculum. Our PE courses offer activity and curriculum to help students be knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects including exercise, fitness, how to have a healthy body, nutrition, health and more.

PE waivers are available for special circumstances, however waivers are void if a student wishes to be a T.A., Office Assistant, have an Early Release or Late Arrival.  PE waivers are available in the counseling office and must be signed by parent, student and the students Assistant Principal or the Principal. 

The Fitness state exam is a required graduation requirement that must be met. If a student does receive a PE waiver they still must complete the cognitive fitness assessment for the curriculum provided in our fitness courses. According to OSPI, it is recommended that a student must pass the assessment with a 70% or higher, if they do not they must enroll in a Physical education course.

Schedule Change Requests

Students select their courses for the entire year each spring. Students cannot change or make course selections during 2nd semester. Students should take course selection seriously as students will be assigned to courses they select based on senior to freshman priority. Schedule change requests are not available unless the request is an exceptional need. Students must attend the classes they are scheduled for. It is important that students choose classes and alternatives that meet their graduation requirements each spring. Students are guaranteed courses that meet their graduation requirements. Students who opt not to select classes will be placed in core classes and elective courses that have space and meet their graduation needs.  Please note that students complete graduation checklists and credit evaluations each year, and are provided courses catalogues with graduation requirements and class selection recommendations based on interest. Counselors are available during the year for students to plan their courses for upcoming years, they will also provide annual High School and Beyond Plan classroom lessons in order to help students plan.  Counselors are not available for appointments during the first two weeks of each term. 

Credit Retrieval Courses

Students who fail required courses must complete credit retrieval in order to graduate. There are several options for credit retrieval. Summer School, Online, PASS, and completing courses through other online sources and bringing in official transcripts.

*SPS Summer School is offered each year, students must fill out the application form and return it to the district for registration. The options include Skills Center summer, Occupational Education credit, and the district L.A., History and Math courses. These are offered at different locations each year.

*Online credit retrieval is offered onsite at Chief Sealth, students have 6 weeks to complete the online course work for credit. However we have a limited number of online seats. 

*PASS is a program for qualified migrant and native ed students. See your counselor for additional information.

*Other online courses are available as well, but the fees are the responsibility of the student and family. Students must complete an Equivalency Form signed by the principal before registering for an out of district course. OSPI (Washington’s office of public instruction) has a list of approved providers such as: or

Alternative High School Programs

Not all students are successful in the Comprehensive High School Program. There are alternative programs in Seattle Public Schools, such as Nova, Interagency, and Middle College. There are also programs outside of Seattle Schools. Most are free of cost.

Fast Track at Seattle Central, students can earn their AA and their Diploma at the same time.

Career Link at South Seattle helps students earn their diploma as well as make plans for their career afterwards.

Students can also take GED prep courses at South Seattle College and then complete the GED which is accepted in place of a diploma.

Job Corps is a federal program where students earn a GED, Diploma and professional training. Students live onsite and receive job placement when they are finished.

Other programs around the Washington include Washington Youth Academy, Seattle Urban Academy, Spring Academy, Puget Sound Community School, and WA Online Academy.   Talk with your Administrator or Counselor about referrals.