Chief Sealth International High School

Chief Sealth International
High School

Constitution sample

CSI High School (Name of Club of Organization) Constitution


Article I.         Name

                      The name of this organization shall be ____________________________
Article II.        Purpose
                        This area should contain a general statement of the purpose of the club.
                        Also include how you will contribute to CSIHS.
                        Many clubs have specific goals. If you raise funds for specific
                        purposes, please indicate what they are. List them after the bullets.
                        ·         _______________________________________________
                        ·         _______________________________________________
Article III.       Membership
                        -This section should contain any qualifications for membership that the
                        club or organization has. These qualifications may include G.P.A, training,
                        Advisor approval, etc. Clubs should be open to all students who meet the
                        qualifications. No one can be excluded on the basis of race, creed,
                        orientation, nationality, or gender.
                        Please attach a list of current members.
Article IV.      Officers
                        This section should explain what the officers are, how they are elected,
                        length of term, responsibilities, ect. Outline the procedure for recall or
                        replacement of officers.
Article V.        Elections
                        This section explains how the officers are elected/appointed, when this
                        occurs, who votes, ect.
Article VI.       Meetings
                        -A suggested quorum of at least 2/3 of the membership is recommended to
                         be present when voting on club issues.  Fifty percent would be sufficient 
                         if this is  what you agree on.  You might want a larger percentage
                         when voting on major issues like amending your constitution.
                        -Indicate where and when the meetings will be held.
Article VI.       Amendments
                       -Explain the amendment procedure for the constitution. What percent of
                         your members need to be present to approve any change?