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Sample minutes

Chief Sealth International High School: Meeting Minutes Form

Instructions :  All meetings (ASB, class officers, committee, student council, clubs) must have minutes taken to be considered an official meeting. The minutes should be taken by the group’s secretary or another designated person and be submitted to the Activities Coordinator and kept on file for at least 5 years (per WIAA regulation). Minutes must include when and where a meeting took place, names of all persons in attendance, and any votes or decisions made. Fundraisers cannot be approved without minutes that show a vote to approve. You can type, hand-write legibly, or use this form (attach additional pages if necessary) to compile and submit your minutes.
Group Name: ______________________________________________________________
Date:       _____________________________       Location: _________________________
Officers and members in attendance:
Old business:
(discuss anything that has appeared on previous minutes, but still needs action)
New business:
(discuss anything that has not appeared on previous minutes)
Votes or Budget Issues :
(record any decisions on spending, fundraisers, or other issues that require a vote)
Actions Items:
(things that must be done before the next meeting)