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Submit Your Senior Portrait

Submit senior portraits to Herff-Jones portal

Submitting a senior portrait is optional. If you choose not to submit a portrait, school ID photos will be used in the yearbook.

Seniors can upload their portraits at Upload Your Senior Portrait (if needed, our school code is 7407). Make sure to select the “Upload Your Portrait” option when you are asked “What are you uploading?”

Visual Aid for which button to click when uploading Senior Photos to the Yearbook

The deadline for Senior Portraits for the Yearbook – Friday December 8th, 2023. This is a hard deadline due to publishing times and requirements. Any portraits uploaded after the deadline will not be in the yearbook.

Follow these guidelines when uploading your Senior Portrait.

  • Color Photos Only
  • Plain / Neutral Background Preferred
  • Full Face View, Facing Forward
  • Clothing and Jewelry Must Fit In School Dress Code Guidelines
  • No Creative Filters or Photographic Treatments
  • No Weapons or Hand Signals of Any Kind
This is an image of the guidelines for student portraits. The guidelines are also listed on the webpage and in the description of this image.
These guidelines will help you choose the best portrait for the yearbook.