Chief Sealth International High School

Chief Sealth International
High School
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New/Exiting Students

New/Leaving Students

Students first day of school is the enrollment date on the form received from enrollment services. Students should see the registrar once assigned to or moving out of Chief Sealth. The registrar will confirm your registration and collect/provide you with the documentation you need for your new school. Please note that your student may not receive full credit for classes if they change schools in the middle of a semester. It is best that students complete full semesters before changing schools.

In order to receive credit for current classes students must provide withdrawal grades.

Students who will be moving schools should contact their counselor or the registrar as soon as they have confirmed the move to another school .

Required Documents for Outgoing/Incoming Students

  • Transcript (official)
  • Current Withdrawal Grades
  • IEP Documentation (if applicable)
  • 504 Plan (if applicable)
  • State Testing Scores
  • Service Learning Hours

Once the documents have been received, our counseling secretary will schedule your mandatory intake meeting with your counselor.

Learn more about transcript request.