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Ryan Casey

Casey, Ryan

Teacher - Multilingual History and Social Studies

Castellenos, Patricia
Alexis Charles

Charles, Alexis

Assistant Administrative and Athletic Secretary
Alex Claussen

Claussen, Alix

Special Education Asst/ISE - 203/7
Joshua Cohen

Cohen, Joshua

Teacher-High School

Personal Message

If you are looking for inspiration you should watch the movie Rudy.  If you need a good laugh watch Spaceballs.  If you need a spectacular French movie watch Amelie.

It's easy to quit when something gets tough.  Where would the world be if everyone decided to do that?

Ja'Lyn Combs

Combs, Ja’Lyn

Youth Services Assistant

Cornelio, Mini

Special Education Assistant 1:1
Aliina Crandell

Crandell, Aliina

School Psychologist
Kim Dinh

Dinh, Kim

Teacher-High School
Sara Dominguez

Dominguez, Sara

Teacher-High School

Let's observe the world and wonder
The beauty of arachnids putting fear asunder
A mossy bank, a gurgling brook
Have so much to say with their unwavering look
Come journey with me into an atom
The darkness and adventure more than we can fathom
Sunlight flashing, bonds unhinged
The world, again, renewed begins
Let's observe the world and wonder
Honored to count myself amongst your number

Ray Dreyer

Dreyer, Raymond

Special Education Asst/ISE
Angela Duran Real

Duran Real, Angela

Spanish Ib and Spanish Teacher
Julianne Dynneson

Dynneson, Julianne

Special Education Asst/ISE
Bill Easter

Easter, William

Teacher: Special Education
Bill Elleby

Elleby, Bill

Special Education Assistant 1:1
Tasnim Elmaghrabi

Elmaghrabi, Tasnim

Teacher-Special Education
Sara Esrick

Esrick, Sara

Teacher/Bilingual BS

Personal Message

Hi! I am so happy to be at Chief Sealth teaching English Language Arts and English Language Development. I love teaching in my neighborhood with students and families within my own community! This is my second year at Sealth after having taught at Cleveland High School and in the Highline School District (mostly on the Evergreen Campus) for many years. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

Rachel Evans

Evans, Rachel

Academic Intervention Specialist

Ferguson, Elissa

Special Education Assistant 1:1
Tamara Field

Field, Tamara

Science Teacher-High School