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Stephanie Hughes

Hughes, Stephanie

Instructional Asst - 203/7
Tyler Hurlbut

Hurlbut, Tyler

Teacher-Special Education-XT

Huynh, Thuy

Instructional Assistant: Vietnamese
Marni Jacobs

Jacobs, Marni

Teacher - Science


Marni Jacobs grew up in Missoula, Montana and is happy to be back in the Pacific Northwest after spending seven years on the east coast. She loves teaching physics and enjoys baking pie, sewing quilts, and playing her her dog, Jolene!

Johnny Jefferson

Jefferson, Jonathan

Student and Family Advocate
Samuel Jensen
Scott Jetton

Jewett, Jo

Special Education Assistant
Breanna Whited

Johnson, Breanna

Teacher-High School


I began teaching in Seattle Public Schools in September of 1990. The bulk of my career was teaching eighth grade at Denny International Middle School from 1992 to 2011. Those were the most formative years of my teaching career since I fell deeply in love with the students of Southwest Seattle and vowed to never leave them. In 2011 the original Denny building was torn down to make way for the conjoined Sealth/Denny campus. Since I had to pack up my bags and leave no matter what, I decided to make a slightly bigger move and follow my life-long dream of becoming a high school teacher. Of course, there was only ONE high school I ever intended to teach at....and of course that was Chief Sealth International High School. I have settled into my second half of my career as a teacher of freshmen...and I LOVE it! I am blessed each and every day to learn along with my students ("Ms. Whited, YouTube is ONE WORD!") and explore this changing world together. I am passionate about spending time with my family (which includes my students) and gardening. Married to an amazing man since 2003, we have a son who is a junior and a seventh-grade daughter who goes to Denny. And a St. Bernard. A gigantic, adorable, challenging horse of a dog. Basically, I am a mom 24/7, both at home and at school. I love what I do and most of all, I love everyone I am with every day.

Drea Jones

Jones, Drea

Prevention Intervention Counselor
Sophath Keith

Kornfield, Zachary

Teacher - English/Language Arts
Lisa Krogman

Krogman, Lisa

Nurse Practitioner
Peter Le

Le, Peter

Teacher - High School


Math Teacher
Currently: Algebra 1 & Geometry

Lee, Chung-Ho

Special Education Assistant
Kathryn Lenoue

Lenoue, Kathryn

Music Teacher

Leota, Andrew

Juan Lopez

Lopez, Juan

Multilingual Instr Asst -203/7
Maria Lopez

Lopez, Maria

Teacher/Bilingual BS