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Linda Filley-Bentler

Filley-Bentler, Linda

CTE Career Connected Learning Coordinator

My role is to connect students with meaningful work experiences that relate to college, career and technical education classes (CTE) taken at Chief Sealth International High School, so that they earn money AND graduation credit.  I provide resources and support to students in college and career applications, financial aid, job shadows, resume writing, internship searches, scholarships, field trips and community service opportunities.  I partner with students to develop their high school and beyond plans for after graduation and prepare students to excel in a postsecondary program.  I also teach Career Connects 2 to explore these topics in depth and prepare for life after graduation.

I love traveling, dancing, hiking in National Parks with my family and teaching yoga.  Drop in and see me in the Career Center, Room 252B, next to the library!

Michael Franzen

Franzen, Michael

Teacher-Special Education-XG
Ray Garcia-Morales

Garcia-Morales, Ray

Shanyn Gilio-Tenan

Gilio-Tenan, Shanyn

School Social Worker, Homeless Program/McKinney Vento Program Building contact
Maha Giundi

Giundi, Maha

CTE Teacher
Jason Glover

Glover, Jason

Teacher-High School

Personal Message

Ian Golash

Golash, Ian

Teacher-High School
Jenny Gutama Kulas

Gutama-Kulas, Jenny

THC Mental Health Therapist

Denise Hagen

Hagen, Denise

Teacher-High School
Arus Haji

Haji, Arus

Bilingual Instructional Asst.
Joshua Hansell

Hansell, Joshua

Teacher- Japanese and Theory of Knowledge

Personal Message

Hello Sealth students and families! I have been teaching Japanese here for 11 years, after going to college in Japan and working in both the cuisine world and the publishing world in Japan. My study of Japanese language in culture is ongoing and never gets boring, so sharing that with students is immensely rewarding. Please feel free to email or call me anytime with questions.

Hartstrom, Stephanie

Special Education Assistant 1:1
Craig Hawley

Hawley, Craig

Math Teacher

IB Math APPS SL A/B and Bridge to College Math

2020-21 will be my 4th year back at Sealth (since graduating in the class of 2003).

I taught at Foster High School in Tukwila for 6 years, a summer at New Start High School in Highline, and student-taught at Aviation High School in Highline before that.

Haynes, Felicia

Special Education Assistant 1:1
Allison Hays

Hays, Allison

IB Coordinator
Irma Hernandez
J'Quai Holiday

Holiday, J’Quai

Student Services Advocate


I am a firm believer in LIVING life and not just surviving it. Everything by flow and nothing by force.

,Personal Message

Be the energy you want to attract. Stay consciously aware.

Robert House

House, Robert

ELL Teacher

Education: University of Washington (BA); Western Washington University (MEd)

Yi-Ju Hsieh

Hsieh, Yi-Ju

Occupational Therapist